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Top 10 Poison Prevention Tips

  • Keep potentially harmful items such as cleaning supplies and medications out of reach of children. It is best to store them in high and/or locked cupboards.
  • Keep products in their original, labeled containers. The information on the label is very helpful if you have to call the Poison Centre about a poisoning.
  • Child-resistant does not mean child-proof. Child-resistant caps may delay a child from opening a container, but does not prevent it completely.
  • Never refer to medicine as candy. Medications often look like candy and children may be tempted to help themselves.
  • Toddlers are curious and like to explore their world. Be aware of what is in your purse, pockets, medication dosettes, and drawers that may be harmful to a child.
  • Never take medications in the dark – turn the light on and put your glasses on to prevent medication errors.
  • Read product labels before use and wear proper protective gear (i.e. gloves, mask, goggles) as directed.
  • Do not mix cleaners – this can produce poisonous gases that may be harmful when you breathe them in.
  • Never take other people’s medications. Medications that are appropriate for one person can be potentially harmful to another person.
  • Be aware of the environment around you. Other homes and environments that you visit may not be poison-proof for your child. Supervision is the main key to preventing poisonings in children.

If you think someone may have been exposed to a poison, please call the IWK Regional Poison Centre at 1-800-565-8161. Expert health care professionals are available 24/7 to provide you with individualized treatment advice.

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