Antidote Stock List

Recommended Antidotes and Quantities for Nova Scotia Health Authority Emergency Departments

Antidote Poison Full Kit a
Qty & Stock Location
(kit or ED)
Modified Kit b
Qty & Stock Location
(kit or ED)
Stock for
70 kg patient
x 24
Acetylcysteine (6 g/30 mL vial) Acetaminophen 12 vials ED ward stock

12 vials ED ward stock

12 vials
Atropine (0.6 mg/mL ampoule) Organophosphate insecticides 160 ampoules c Antidote kit 160 ampoules c Antidote kit 1 g
Black Widow spider antivenin (Antivenin Latrodectus Mactans) (1 vial) Black Widow spider None


1 vial Refrigerator item To acquire more vials in an emergency situation: Merck Emergency Line 1-800-463-7251 Special Access - fill out forms
Calcium chloride (1 g/10 mL syringe) Calcium channel blocker 8 syringes Antidote kit 8 syringes Antidote kit 4 g
Calcium gluconate (2.5% gel) (1 g/10 mL ampoule) Hydrofluoric acid burn 2 tubes 25 ampoules Antidote kit 1 tube 25 ampoules Antidote kit 1 tube (30 g) 25 ampoules KY Jelly stocked in Antidote kit (2 x 56 g tubes)
Deferoxamine (Desferrioxamine) (2 g vial) Iron 3 vials Antidote kit 2 vials c Antidote kit 6 g
Digoxin immune Fab (38 or 40 mg vial) Digoxin 6 vials Antidote Fridge Kit 6 vials Antidote Fridge Kit 15 vials Refrigerator item 14 additional vials stocked in HI pharmacy Starting January 2012 there will be a transition period where Digibind and DigiFab will be available
Dimaval (RS)-2,3-Bis(sulfanyl) propane-1- sulfonic acid, sodium salt 1 H20 250 mg sodium salt /5 mL ampoule Arsenic, Gold, Lead, Mercury 2 ampoules c Antidote kit 1 ampoules c Antidote kit 1500 mg Special Access – fill out forms
Fat emulsion (lipids) 20% (Intralipid brand) Local anesthetics 2 x 500 mL Antidote kit 2 x 500 mL Antidote kit 560 mL
Flumazenil (0.5 mg/5 mL vial) Benzodiazepines 5 vials c ED ward stock

5 vials c ED ward stock

20 vials
Fomepizole (1.5 g/1.5 mL vial) Ethylene glycol Methanol 2 vials Antidote kit 1 vial Antidote kit 4 vials
Glucagon (1 mg kit) Beta-blockers, Calcium channel blockers 40 kits Antidote kit 40 kits Antidote kit 100 mg
Hydroxocobalamin (Cyanokit) 2 x 2.5 g vials Cyanide 2 x 2.5 g vials Antidote kit 2 x 2.5 g vials Antidote kit 10 g
Insulin-Regular 100 units/mL Calcium channel blockers, Betablockers 2 x 10 mL ED ward stock 1500 units Refrigerator item
Methylene blue (50 mg/5 mL vial) Anilines, Nitrates, Nitrites (methemoglobinemia) 10 vials Antidote kit 3 vials Antidote kit 500 mg
Naloxone (0.4 mg/mL ampoule) Opioid narcotics 40 ampoules Antidote kit 25 ampoules Antidote kit 30 mg
Octreotide (100 mcg/mL ampoule) Sulfonylurea (hypoglycemia) 4 ampoules Antidote Fridge Kit 1 ampoule Antidote Fridge Kit 400 mcg Refrigerator item
Pralidoxime (2-PAM) (1 g vial) Anticholinesterases, Organophosphate insecticides 2 vials Antidote kit 2 vials Antidote kit 12 g Special Access – fill out forms
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) (3 g/30 mL vial) Isoniazid 7 vials Antidote kit 4 vials Antidote kit 20 g May want to revise as per population stats for INH users
Sodium bicarbonate 8.4% (50 mEq/50 mL syringe) Cyclic antidepressants 20 syringes ED ward stock 10 syringes
Sodium thiosulfate 25% 250 mg/mL (10 mL vial) Cyanide 10 vials HI Pharmacy only 7.5 vials

a All Regional Hospital EDs stock Full Kits

b ED sites (outside the Regional ED) may stock Full or Modified Kits

c in the event of an overdose, additional stock will need to be obtained

Updated April 20, 2015